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Interview Techniques

Research the company and position before the interview. You can get
company information from their Web site. Memorize important facts.

Make sure your interview clothes are clean and ironed few days beforehand

Be on time. Reach at least 15 minutes before time.

Take good-quality copies of your resume on a nice grade of paper. Take more copies than you will possibly need - just in case. Store the copies in a folder where they will stay clean and unwrinkled

Prepare questions for the interview. Your research on the company and position should lead you to questions for starts.

Be prepared to discuss past projects. Review the most relevant for that is where the focus of discussion might be.

Make good eye contact.

Listen carefully and wait your turn to speak. Make sure you understand a question before you attempt to answer it.

Always tell the truth on applications and in an interview.

Ask what will happen next with respect to your application for the position.

Satisfy any request for additional information within 24 hours. Your ability to follow-up is very much part of the test, and not outside it.

Follow up diligently with your staffing agency's recruiter or client account manager. It is their job to meet their client's needs, and they could use your help in making sure the follow-up is done right.

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