The following are perhaps the most popular of resume styles. Either is suitable, but we recommend a reverse-chronological resume in most cases, and Functional only for senior management and strategic roles...

Reverse Chronological:
Begins with a professional summary with a bulleted list including total experience, specialization, key achievements. Then follows a tabular list of technical skill areas and specific skills - these include applications, systems, languages, packages and buzz words. Following the skill summary, list employment history and experience with the most recent position first. Include client, title, job description and date, and emphasize accomplishments. End with education and certifications.

Resume begins with a professional summary that lists primary functional skills (e.g. functional analysis, project management, reorganization, business strategy etc.). This is followed by skills and significant achievements for each of the primary functional skills. Follow that with a tabular summary of employment - employer names and dates of employment. End with education and certifications.

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