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PrudentSource Values

Company's values reflect ethics of company. Our objective is to provide highest quality services that create and deliver value through the practical use of technology. We have a great pride in our performance as individuals as well as the collective performance of the Company.

Compliance with company's values is required of all employees and associates.


Adherence to professional standards permeates all aspects of our business. We are dedicated to maintain and improve the quality of services and to resist competitive pressures to compromise our principles and standards.


We insist on integrity throughout our organization. We are open, honest and fair in our dealings with clients, vendors, employees and others.


We emphasize ethics in our organization, and we recognize that it is difficult to establish rules for every condition. We expect our employees to exercise good judgment in their conduct.


Our policies and procedures are designed to fulfill our commitment to quality. We plan and execute engagements and make decisions based on substance, not on form. We require that our services be performed by employees with the appropriate degree of technical training and proficiency.


The strength of our Company is its people, working together with a common purpose. We believe Together Everyone Achieve More.

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